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Healthcare processes are multifaceted and often prone to many risks. Redwert deals with this aspect of the healthcare industry. Our cloud-based AI software brings to you incident reporting, error reporting, as well as patient safety reporting systems integrated with risk management on one user-friendly portal specifically designed according to your business. We provide quality, incident, and performance management solutions integrated with error, risk, and incident reporting systems in hospitals as a part of our patient safety software of healthcare.

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Our healthcare incident and risk management software is used worldwide and is available in different languages. We present a platform that facilitates process automation, data collection, and workflow management.

INCIDENTS - Healthcare Incident Management & Risk Analytics Module

Access incident reporting systems in hospitals and application of features like Risk matrix for the identification of risk intensity and to guide for the efficient action.

FACES - Biometric Pain Scale Assessment

Faces is a part of our patient safety reporting system. With Faces you can analyse the intensity of pain and uneasiness with the help of our biometric technology.

E-TRACKER - Medical Procedure Cost Estimator

The estimate tracker allows you to track an estimate of total expense of medical procedure you are planning to undertake helps you in managing financial arrangements like insurances.

L-TRACKER - Hospital License Tracker

License trackers helps you track your medical licences with alerts and notifications so that you can avoid last minute hassle while opting for emergency medical care.


We believe that software should be manageable and user-friendly apart from being accurate and affordable. Redwert enhances your healthcare experience by taking care of your incident, risk, quality, and performance management in compliance with healthcare standards worldwide.

Single Platform: Many Use Cases

Redwert is a single platform that lets you access many use cases all over the healthcare organization to enhance the patient safety reporting system and the quality of functioning.

Ready to use Templates

Brings to you- customizable templates so that you can personalize the platform according to the specifications of your organization in no time.

Analytics and Insights

The AI technology will help you in taking quick decisions by giving you valuable insights and guidance about the efficiency of the healthcare incident reporting software.

Fully Automated Platform

The platform is fully automated, which means that you do not need to spend time learning how to make it work. The AI technology learns and adapts itself according to the data entered by the user. It can work the patient safety reporting system, the error reporting systems in healthcare, and the incident reporting systems in hospital by itself.

High-end Technologies

Our progressive web application can be accessed at any time from any device, depending on the user's convenience. You are also not likely to face network issues as the platform operates offline, as well. It helps in the promotion of patient safety and the reduction of medical errors in healthcare organizations.

Management Dashboards and Reporting Tools-

Management dashboard and reporting tools help you keep track of performance indicators and other data like incident reports for the organization. These tools help the users make an informed decision regarding the efficient working of the organization.

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What can we offer you?

Our healthcare incident reporting software can offer you various products that can help solve the problem of safety and inefficiency in healthcare organizations. Redwert’s incident- healthcare incident management & risk analytics module helps users to get to the root cause of the problems. It helps in generating an in-depth analysis of risk management by using various tools like Ishikawa and 5 Why. We also familiarise you with the Face- Biometric pain scale assessment tool to analyze the intensity of pain and uneasiness with the help of our biometric technology and even record it for future reports. When you use Faces, a consulting doctor would be sent for according to the results, and the intervention will be carried out via the same channel.

Apart from that, you also get access to the Etracker- medical procedure cost estimator that allows you to track an estimate of the total expense of the medical procedure you are planning to go through. It establishes an estimate of cost for planned procedures and other contingencies. Not just that, it also gives you access to data for any revenue generation possibility. Estimate tracker is patient-centric and gives your patients a chance to manage their financial resources like insurance, life policies, etc. before jumping into the medical procedure. Then, we offer you ltracker- healthcare license tracker that helps you track your medical licenses with alerts and notifications. We have multiple facilities to offer you to make your investment with us worthwhile.


We aim to help each and every healthcare organization that has Quality and Safety at the very heart of their efforts.
No matter the size, or experience.

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