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Safeguard your employees and patients with REDWERT healthcare incident management software that caters to specific needs of your healthcare organization. REDWERT provides a proactive suite of solutions for quality management, performance improvement and incident management in healthcare. Not only that, we provide you a plethora of solutions for quality management and improved performance as well. Our cloud-based AI healthcare software integrates patient safety system, incident reporting and risk management in one comprehensive tool tailor-made for your organization. As your business requirements change, our solution grows and we adapt your changes to the effective growth of your business. The unambiguous design of our incident management software ensures that it is easy to navigate and use.


About Us

Who We Are

REDWERT is a cloud-based SaaS platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. We are committed to help healthcare organizations of any size and experience by leveraging an integrated quality, safety and incident management software solution. We seek to enhance lives of millions of patients and empower organizations to uphold their reputation and improve their business performance.

What We Do

REDWERT strives to contribute to healthcare quality by providing insights that drive patient safety across the globe. We do this by making innovative incident & incident management software solutions available to any kind of healthcare organization.

Besides that, we help the organizations maintain their accreditation, keep up to date with new standards, and offer guidance on the continuous expectation of performance improvement.

Why We Do It

REDWERT is convinced that performance is a result of effective healthcare incident management. We are passionate about improving quality of healthcare by promoting patient safety and reducing medical errors in hospitals.

We are a purpose-driven team and truly want to make a difference for all healthcare organizations that have quality and safety at the very heart of their efforts.

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What can we offer you?

Our healthcare incident reporting software can offer you various products that can help solve the problem of safety and inefficiency in healthcare organizations. Redwert’s incident- healthcare incident management & risk analytics module helps users to get to the root cause of the problems. It helps in generating an in-depth analysis of risk management by using various tools like Ishikawa and 5 Why. We also familiarise you with the Face- Biometric pain scale assessment tool to analyze the intensity of pain and uneasiness with the help of our biometric technology and even record it for future reports. When you use Faces, a consulting doctor would be sent for according to the results, and the intervention will be carried out via the same channel.

Apart from that, you also get access to the Etracker- medical procedure cost estimator that allows you to track an estimate of the total expense of the medical procedure you are planning to go through. It establishes an estimate of cost for planned procedures and other contingencies. Not just that, it also gives you access to data for any revenue generation possibility. Estimate tracker is patient-centric and gives your patients a chance to manage their financial resources like insurance, life policies, etc. before jumping into the medical procedure. Then, we offer you ltracker- healthcare license tracker that helps you track your medical licenses with alerts and notifications. We have multiple facilities to offer you to make your investment with us worthwhile.

Assured Healthcare Compliance Assistance

We ensure that healthcare organizations are compliant with regulatory standards such as National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), Joint Commission International (JCI) and The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD – JAWDA) Certification.

We assist organizations to meet compliance requirements. So, you can reduce risk, maximize resources, improve patient safety culture and stay audit-ready using our healthcare incident management software purpose-built for this.



We aim to help each and every organization that has Quality and Safety at the very heart of their efforts.
No matter the size, or experience.

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