REDWERT Incident management software solution for all healthcare emergency responses.

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Healthcare Incident Management Made Seamless

Our Healthcare incident management software enables you to:

  • Access incident reporting systems in hospitals.
  • Track all hospital-related proceedings.
  • Record patient safety report and help caregivers in managing threats, or emergency incidents.
  • Capture various adverse events easily with predetermined selectors, dropdown lists and areas for narrative where required.
  • Create centralized visibility and track of all hospital acquired infections (HAI).
  • Calculate the turnaround time (TAT) as per the classification of incidents.

Drive Investigation And Analyse Risks

  • Investigate each incident with a detailed Root Cause Analysis using various tools like Ishikawa and 5 Why.
  • Use these tools to understand the underlying causes of potential events that were intercepted.
  • Assign sub-tickets for investigation requests to respective departments.
  • Enable parallel department investigation to allot one ticket to multiple departments.
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Risk Analytics Made Quick And Easy With REDWERT

Our risk analytics module enables you to:

  • Use Risk matrix to identify the risk intensity.
  • Generate in-depth risk analysis reports of healthcare incidents.
  • Conduct hospital acquired infections (HAI) audits.
  • Get real-time insights on personalized dashboards and alerts through multiple channels/formats.

Monitor Quality Using KPI Tracker

Let our risk analytics module help you:

  • Monitor and facilitate evidence-based ongoing quality improvement efforts.
  • Perform infection control and prevent an issue from snowballing or happening again for efficient incident management.
  • Collect, analyse and communicate results on critical key performance indicators across your healthcare organization.

Drive Your Safety Improvements With REDWERT

Use our healthcare incident management software to:

  • Improve the quality and safety of your healthcare organization.
  • Avoid patient safety events or medical errors to improve the healthcare process.
  • Reduce the risk of adverse events, or unfortunate incidents during medical care.

Let Us


Let REDWERT Healthcare Incident Management & Risk Analytics Module surface the right insights and provide valuable guidance on how to create and maintain a reliable patient safety system.


Spend less time tracking and organising your incidents. REDWERT analyses each incident and describes the practical steps required to build a comprehensive healthcare quality improvement programme.


Whether you’re raising an incident or calculating key performance indicators for your healthcare risk assessment, let our incident management reduce the workload for you by keeping it all in sync.


Quick Dive Information on the Product Additions, New Components and Features.

Supported platforms

Seamlessly runs on Web, Android, iOS, Desktop, etc

Multi-channel access

Distinct Multi-channel access from any device, anywhere, at any time

Pre-built Templates

Record hospital incidents in a quick and easy way by filling the adequate details in the designated fields


Get scheduled reports via e-mails, web, push notifications, world-wide SMS

Attach documents

Statements, reports, prescriptions, images, videos, or any kind of documents for holistic information support

Dynamic forms

Use customisable forms to report adverse events, or medical errors with specific information according to the identified category

Intersystem Data Fetching

Ensure intersystem data flow through HIS and HRMS for patient demographics and employee details

PWA Support

Progressive Web App support ensures that data loads instantly even in uncertain network conditions

Incorporated Tools

Best practice configurations for quick installation and tools for healthcare incident management software implementations


We aim to help each and every healthcare organization that has Quality and Safety at the very heart of their efforts.
No matter the size, or experience.

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