7 benefits of an Automated Incident Management Tool in Healthcare

March 9, 2020| Category: Healthcare Incident Management| Tags:Incident Management - Hospital
healthcare incident management

Before everything, the mentality of healthcare professional regarding the incidents should change, the hospitals are implementing digital solutions on the front-end but the core operations, like management of incidents, tracking KPIs, tracking licences etc are still run manually. Real patient safety experience is delivered when the core processes of a hospital are digitized. Leaders should understand that err is human and reporting is divine but it is equally important to protect patients from harm. A happy Staff leads a safe hospital environment.

Hospital Incident records are a vital part of risk management in healthcare settings. There are multiple reasons for completing an incident report. Hospital Incident reports have immediate and long-term benefits for a healthcare organization.

  1. The obvious purpose is to correct the event and prevent it from future. Healthcare leaders need a record to act quickly and effectively. The record must contain the most relevant details of the affected person whether it is a staff or a patient. Redwert introduces a chatbot called Redwert captain for capturing the relevant details within no time.
  2. The second benefit of hospital incident management is Investigations, policy changes and SOPs can’t befall without reporting the Healthcare Incident report. Through investigation of each healthcare, incidents flash light towards an underlying problem which needs to address in-ground level. Finding the Root cause analysis of each events Redwert helps with tools which can be integrated easily.

Lets go through the seven benefits

  1. Harmonize the process

    A quick and easy reporting and analysing of all incidents without delay. Manage all investigation on the go and with live dashboards and report graphs, keep your eye on the data for always spot trends to advance your patient safety efforts. Keeping patient safety is critically important in Healthcare settings. Redwert has a team who believes in safe healthcare for all. Redwert Incident Management tool helps your organization to report adverse events, reduce hospital-acquired infections and ensure patient safety by driving investigation and Risk Analytics.

  2. Paperless

    People roll their eyes as soon as i say paperless, how can an RCA do without paper, how will i draw the diagram as evidence of primary and secondary cause? Well, it's possible to design a UI with a fishbone diagram, and you can easily enter your data in that. Dropdown menus and frameworks are created and effective and easy reporting. You can keep all the record as soft copies and retrieve whenever you need.

  3. Be in the Know

    Receive alerts like SMS, email, push notification and web notification so that you’ll be aware of your organization and also act quickly. A cloud-based system allows for multiple individuals at different locations can access the same information.

  4. Save Productive time

    A quality process Like Redwert provides a quick way to report incidents and therefore saves the productive time of healthcare workers with patients.

  5. Track issues proactively

    By increasing the accuracy and quality of an incident report, administrators gain the advantage of tracking each incident’s underlying cause and change the policy and procedure proactively.

  6. Pan visibility of data across all hospitals

    Exclusive visibility of Hospital Incident records across all units / Hospitals for the leaders. The dashboard can be customized in such a way that the administrator can decide the visibility as per roles. Not only the healthcare incident reports but also the monthly data of KPIs also can be generated, download and create reports.

  7. Digitising core components of Risk Management

    Processes and forms for Hospital incident reporting vary by organization, but an electronic management system like Redwert Incident Management may help streamline efforts and yield more accurate results. Learn more about how our comprehensive Healthcare Incident management solution facilitates incident management and creates a patient safety environment.

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