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How to reduce adverse events and their impacts on your organization?

Learning from adverse events can help hospitals improve patient safety while reducing the risk and minimizing the impacts. The power of reducing medical errors is in our hands.

Streamline your reporting system

Quick and easy reporting, managing and analysing of all sort of incidents without delay. Adopt software for capturing data with dynamic and intelligent forms. Classify those data as per global standards. And also, make sure that your front line staff reporting incidents properly and on time.

Promote a safe work culture

Encourage the front line staff to submit records with easy to use software rather a pen and paper method. Also provide feedback, not a blame culture. Increase the submission rate by introducing software in Mobile App. Redwert helps the staff to submit the incidents effectively with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We wish Healthcare professionals spend more time with patients, not stuck with paperwork.

Drive Investigation

Investigate each incident with detailed root cause analysis using various tools. We use tools like a fishbone, 5why to understand the underlying cause of potential events that were intercepted.

Proactive Risk Analytics

Always proactive about patient safety. Patient safety is the prevention of harm and the reduction of risk of injury and errors.

How to be proactive ?.. use your data intelligently to find the underlying cause and trends, use a risk matrix to identify the intensity, generate in-depth risk analysis reports of Incidents and Hospital-acquired infections.

Learn from your mistakes

Perform a multidimensional analysis of each error to prevent them from happening again. Spot the trend of each incident and set a corrective and preventive action.

Robust Data Analysis

With live dashboards and report graphs, keep your eye on the data. And also build your own quality standard reports using custom graphs for continuous quality improvement of your organization. Always spot trends to advance your patient safety efforts.

Redwert incident Management software provides comprehensive solutions for managing incidents, Drive investigations, track CAPA, tools for RCA, calculation of risk associated with each event and also helps to spot trends using dashboards and reports for Healthcare. Keeping patient safety is critically important in Healthcare settings. Redwert has a team who believes in safe healthcare for all.

Redwert Incident Management tool helps your organization to report adverse events, reduce hospital-acquired infections and ensure patient safety by driving investigation and Risk Analytics.

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