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What are the benefits of using Technology for Managing Incidents?

Years ago, Florence Nightingale wrote,

“It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a hospital that it should do the sick no harm”

Till today “doing no harm” to patients is part of the Hospital patient safety goal worldwide. This year we celebrated World 1st patient safety day for the awareness and the need to establish patient safety as a global health priority with slogan Speak up for patient safety.

We speak a lot about the safety of the patient, What is the definition of patient safety?

Patient safety has been defined in the Canadian Patient Safety Dictionary as

“The reduction and mitigation of unsafe acts within the health care system, as well as through the use of best practices shown to lead to optimal patient outcomes”

Who is prone to incidents?

  1. Geriatric
  2. Paediatrics
  3. Racial or ethnic minorities
  4. Antenatal Women

Not only these groups, but all the patients are also vulnerable because of their ill-health.

How we ensure the safety of patient those who are prone to incidents?

Prevention is better than cure. Patient safety needs honest and obliged work culture, staff empowerment, better communication and proper framework. Make use of technology for better patient safety goals.

  1. Good communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Monitoring the risk
  4. Feedbacks of previous incidents
  5. Good governance in medication safety
  6. Kind and caring staffs
  7. Involve technology for recording, tracking and investigation each report

We redwert revolutionizing the healthcare industry to make innovation accessible. Powered by artificial Intelligence, redwert quality management module can make a real difference. Let us work together for increasing patient safety measures by mitigating the risk factor and managing the risk in a better framework.

Electronic Incident Reporting System: A Benefits Evaluation

Electronic incident reporting helps to increase the number of reporting medical errors without the fearing investigation. Before everything, the mentality of healthcare professional regarding the incidents should change, Leaders should understand that err is human and reporting is divine but its equally important to protect patients from harm.not only the human factor might be the causative factor of incident. Happy Staff leads a Happy Patient, Hence safe hospital stay.

List of some benefits below;

  1. The ability for organizations to customize some of their processes and terminology used in the occurrence reporting make the adaptability much easier for staff
  2. User-friendly, We have a desktop app, mobile app and website version
  3. Can implement the same workflow as it was before
  4. Timely notification of the managers, improved communications between the different personnel involved
  5. Track not only incidents but also investigations of each report
  6. Incorporated tools for RCA and Risk analysis
  7. Audit log with filters
  8. Live dashboards with download and print options
  9. More than that, we have a captain who helps the users in each and every steps and he is learning with your inputs and becoming smarter and smarter

Redwert Engineering Labs believes that keeping patient safety in healthcare is critically important for both patients and also the staff. Patient safety goal is our passion. Success is when we achieve a safe hospital environment for both patient and staff, let us work together by putting patient safety goal in our heart and mind.

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