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What are the benefits of using Technology for Managing Incidents?

Ages back, all data in the hospital were collected with pen and paper. Patients usually carry their reports in a file The medical records Department maintained the copy of files and it is a time-consuming job, sometimes it can be misplaced. Today, hospital preferring EHR instead. But while the hospitals are implementing digital solutions on the front-end, the core operations, like management incidents, tracking KPIs, tracking licences etc are still run manually. Real patient safety experience is delivered when the core processes of a hospital are digitized.

Saves TIME

Encourage the front line staff to submit records (may its medication error, Hospital-acquired infection or an adverse event ) with easy to use software rather a pen and paper method. Increase the submission rate by introducing software in Mobile App.

Redwert helps the staff to submit the incidents effectively with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We wish Healthcare professionals spend more time with patients, not stuck with paperwork.


People roll their eyes as soon as i say paperless, how can an RCA do without paper, how will i draw the diagram as evidence of primary and secondary cause? Well, it's possible to design a UI with a fishbone diagram, and you can easily enter your data in that. You can keep all the record as soft copies and retrieve whenever you need. We often hear that it is an additional burden for employees to record and investigate incident only using system is not valid anymore.

Be in the know

Receive alerts like SMS, email, push notification and web notification so that you’ll be aware of your organization and also act quickly.

Easy to use

A quick and easy reporting and analysing of all incidents without delay. Manage all investigation on the go and with live dashboards and report graphs, keep your eye on the data for always spot trends to advance your patient safety efforts. Keeping patient safety is critically important in Healthcare settings. Redwert has a team who believes in safe healthcare for all. Redwert Incident Management tool helps your organization to report adverse events, reduce hospital-acquired infections and ensure patient safety by driving investigation and Risk Analytics.

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